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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekend Konadicure.........

Hope everyone is enjoying there long Memorial Day weekend! I do realize this does not apply to everyone ,myself included, but I hope you are enjoying your day at least. Today's NOTD is China Glaze Midnight Mission. Its a beautiful navy blue color with tons of silver micro glitter. I was inspired to use konad plate M63 with Orly (good lord the name escapes me at this time)silver with some square shaped rhinestones I purchased at my local Sally's store. I really have to apologize for being so unprepared, I have been posting from the library the past few times and I forget and/or confuse some of the polishes I use. Bad me :( I will try to do better to inform you fully and correctly. OH! I also wanted to share with you my good news! I am a member of NAILS Magazine on my Facebook account and on a weekly basis the editor posts random trivia like questions and the first one to email her the correct answer wins a goody bag. Well yesterday I was fortunate to be the first one to email her a pic of my license plate(its a nail theme vanity plate) hmm did I say Vanity? No! I am not vain just very proud of what I did for a living for many years and even though my career has taken a new and different path I will forever be the Nailgirl! Won't be so cute when I'm in my sixty's but hey work with me will ya?! Anyway! To be honest I have no idea really of what my goody bag will consist of (fingers crossed for at least one polish)but I am very excited and cant wait to receive it. I will keep you posted (haha) and let you know what I get! Until next time!

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