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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Decisions, decisions!

Indoor Lighting

Hoping all is well with everyone! OK, let me start from the beginning! Yesterday morning I had just enough time to try out my new AVON Jade polish. I had received it the day before from one of my lovely coworkers, who sells AVON. (I also purchased AVON Olive Green) Since I was short on time I only applied 1 coat and I was very pleased with the coverage, smooth application and the depth of color. Today, on the other hand, I woke up very indecisive, I knew I wanted to add nail art but I wasn't sure what. I laid out all of my konad plates and I couldn't decide which one I wanted to stamp! Soooo, I ended up using 4 different plates.

Indoor lighting with out top coat or dotting

I kept AVON Jade as the base and I used AVON Olive Green to stamp. I then added some random dotting using Orly Luxe and Orly Dazzle, also adding a rhinestone here and there. The konad plates I used were M57, M63, M65 and M74. Hope you enjoy! Until next time!

Indoor lighting: dotting, rhinestones and Seche Vite Quick Dry

Finished product shining in the morning sun


  1. I like the avon jade and I like the way you tied the different stamping plate designs together with some blingy bling. Nice mani.

  2. Totally loving it. I have a few Avon's and like them a lot.

  3. wow that avon polish is awsome! gonna have to start being an avon lady now I think!
    love the konad designes too, if you dont mind me asking, where do you buy your konad plates from? I'm in the UK and want to invest in some :)