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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Orly Iron Butterfly & Pure Ice Electric

Indoor lighting

Outside (cloudy day)

Today's NOTD is Orly Matte Iron Butterfly and the TOTD is Pure Ice Electric. Pure Ice Electric is the glossy version of Iron Butterfly or so I thought. I was disappointed that the silver micro glitter in this glossy black did not show up on the polished toenail as it shine thru in the bottle. Iron Butterfly on the other hand knocked it out of the park with the silver/grey micro glitter coming thru the truly matte black. The application of Iron Butterfly, is as all matte finishes, application is kinda thick and "lumpy" but it dries to a satin smooth finish. The application of Pure Ice Electric is smooth and even with easy clean up on the skin. I didn't have too much trouble with the polish, either one, "bleeding" into the skin. I was thinking maybe I'll try Orly Goth to see if I get that kick of silver micro glitter in gloss that I am looking for or maybe I'll just top Iron Butterfly with a high gloss topcoat(now the wheels are turning) Oh well! Enjoy and until next time!

In the sunlight

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