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Saturday, September 11, 2010

It just wasn't meant to be....

So much for keeping my nails in tact for the weekend! By 9pm last night I felt a rough spot on my fingernail and when I paid close attention I realized that there was more than one and I am sure more to continue. Of course, I decided to bite the bullet and go commando (with out polish people) and I have no back up to patch up these spots. I had an epiphany and my silver lining? I did bring my Konad stamps with Orly Dazzle, Orly Luxe, Konad White, SecheVite QD and some rhinestones. I was hoping to score a Guest NOTD sometime this weekend and as luck would have it my 9 yr old niece has joined us up here in "them there hills" as well. So stay tuned and lets see what we come up with! Until next time!

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