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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Orly and China Glasze Swatches

Good morning! It is so nice to be online again, I wish I could explain what went wrong but I wouldn't have a clue, I kinda blacked out when I was getting an explination from my better half. No offense to him, but after about 30 seconds of tech talk all I kinda heard was blahblahblah....Anyway! Todays post is about 2 polishes I've tried out during this week so far.

The first is Orly Purple Pleather from the Plastix Collection. In the first picture I applied 2 coats with no top coat. I have to say I do love the color and you can easily see the "plastic" effect as it dries. My beef with it is, the polish is so thick, it ends up being applied unevenly because the brush becomes overloaded with polish, it sticks out like a sore thumb when it dries because it is definately not self-leveling. It takes too long to dry and it ended up drying with bubbles. I tried it out twice with the same result.

Don't get me wrong I like the finish its not shiny and its not matte, its different and I like different. I just need to be smarter than the polish...lol. I haven't given up I will try again.

In the mean time, I decided to see what CG Matte Magic could do for me and WOW! Loved it! Covered all the flaws and dried quicker than I thought it would. It was my first time using the mattifying top coat and now its one of my fav's. Thank you for reading my ramblings, I think I've made up for time lost this week. Coming up next time China Glaze Classic Camel! Until then live, love and laugh your a** off!

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  1. I had some bubbling issues with Retro Red and Old School Orange (I don't have the other two), but I thought it was just me. Evidently not. :/