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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Remember that Christmas in July thing?

Well, two days in a row, this past week I received a package at my doorstep. The look on my honey's face was priceless. He had that "I am not gonna even ask" look. So guess what? I didn't tell..ha! :) I went a little click happy at a couple of e-tailers but I am sooo glad I did! I received quite a haul, some new, not-so-new and some oldies but goodies.
CG Lubu Heels & CG He's Going In Circles
Orly Purple Pleather, Orly Blue Suede & Orly Iron Butterfly

Then we have CG Classic Camel, Ingrid, Riveter Rouge, Midnight Mission

Then rounding it out with TMI, BFF & 2NITE
I also received CG Matte Magic(not pictured). I can't wait to get started swatching, stamping and nail arting! Until then, happy polishing!

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