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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally, swatches from my ROSS haul from a couple of weeks ago! All of the following are 2 coats of the polish without topcoat. Enjoy!

Essie Berry Hard, great fall color, dark wine/brown. The only thing I found with these Essie polishes is they tend to be watery and the color runs in the skin and has a tendency to stain. I've used this line in the past and I don't remember it being this way. Oh well, just my opinion!

Essie Fishnet Stockings, much deeper red in person, love it! Definitely a "power" red.

LDL Nail Colour #220, shimmery purple with flashes of pink & silver.

LDL Nail Colour #432, think yellow-gold sunshine.

LDL Nail Colour #224, can we say cantaloupe?

LDL Nail Colour #201, a pretty, subdued lilac/taupe color.

LDL Nail Colour #229, a beige that can be used as a french base as well as alone. Simple and clean.

LDL Nail Colour #413, pretty flashes of pink/grey, also would be a good french base.


  1. the essie fishnet looks really good! i like your blog, check out mine and maybe follow me too?


  2. Thank you I am glad you like it! I joined your blog and look forward to your future posts!