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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Revlon Silver

IMG_0519    IMG_0520  


For today’s NOTD, I chose to try Revlon Silver. It’s a light gray jelly polish that borders on being a light blue depending on the lighting your in. Polish application gives full coverage in one coat,though I applied 2 coats in the above pictures. I’ve learned over the years that product consistency isn’t always a plus with some polishes, Revlon being one of them. The applicator brush seems to be hit and run with these polishes, meaning, the brush in this polish bottle is all discombobulated, with wild bristles sticking out all over, making the application a little more difficult/messier than it should be. Anyway, I survived, mission accomplished and I do like the color very much! Ah yes, by the way I picked up a few more polishes in my travels on Monday. Here is a quick snap shot of my goodies.


China Glaze: Mummy May I, Zombie Zest & Ick-a-bod-y 

Orly: It’s Not Rocket Science & Space Cadet. I only wish I had realized how similar Zombie Zest and It’s Not Rocket Science are, I bought them at 2 different stores. I’ll do a side by side comparison soon. Until next time!

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