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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oops found 2 more swatches from my ROSS Haul..

Ok here is an unknown red (tag was ripped off) by Borghese Nail Laquer. It has 2 coats minus the base and top coat. Yep I scored another hot red!

This is LDL Nail Colour #222. Well, hmm, not a favorite :( This color is beautiful in the bottle and the lighting in my picture does NOT help but as for application, this polish is extremely thin and watery, you can see the patches in my middle and ring finger and thats with 3 coats without base or top coat. The color was nothing like what the bottle portrayed either...it seemed to have a hunter green/grey sheen in it but applies as this funky browny/purply color. I am at a loss for words really. Oh well I won't give up on it...lol I'll try it again at a later date!

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