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Thursday, July 22, 2010

China Glaze OMG!

Sky clouded over...
Sun shining brightly....

Evening all, quick post before I get ready for bed! I have finally received my China Glaze OMG polish! It is everything I'd hoped, to the point where I am now on a mission to get other colors in this collection! I gave myself a quick, well needed, manicure this morning and had decided to wear this polish with no nail art......yet! Sadly I had a filing mishap and had to clip all my nails down to nubs :( which in reality I needed to, not that they were super long and distracting, but I have an upcoming interview with a new home health company so I guess it was my way of subconsciously getting prepared. Hope you enjoy the swatch even though its really just a "new-to-me" excitement!


  1. I love this holo! Every swatch I see of it looks gorgeous, I can never find it at my local Sallys though :(

  2. Unfortunately, it's a polish that has to be purchased online because it is from an older China Glaze Collection.